How Mobile Advertising Works


                                                           How Mobile Advertising Works
EDITORS NOTE: While many of the campaigns and strategies below are a bit out of date, a lot of tactics and the approaches stay relevant for today as you strategy your advertising and marketing program. To understand more about recommendations and class strategies for your programs, download this Forrester report on browsing the mind shift that is mobile on us, at no cost! – are a few of the most successful marketing campaigns from the previous years. Theres no point in inventing the wheel by hours coming up with thoughts that are various you are trying to run a company, so you’ve got lots on your plate.

An insanely strategy is to use these case studies now being used by those Fortune 500 as inspiration to get your own campaigns. Fandango and Mobile Commerce Applications – What better usage of social networking than to give people an opportunity to buy movie tickets on the go? Thats what Fandango and realized early in the game. The results are amazing: 17.4 percentage of the tickets offered to get Paramounts Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon were bought directly by using the software, versus logging to the site. And 19 percentage of the tickets offered to get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 were offered through the Fandango app.

Why are both of these case studies relevant to you? since they show that mobile marketing is not only about branding and advertising, its about commerce, too. To put it simply, the more transactions you can promote on a smartphone, the more likely it’s that your effort will pay for itself. The North Face Location Based Marketing Campaign – Lets say you are an avid hiker, biker, or mountain climber who just happens to be toddling around NY City. The North Face recognizes that even when you are scaling the canyons of New York, climbing Everest is always on your mind.

So exactly what did the outdoor clothing retailer do? It created a location based advertising campaign utilizing the Placecast ShopAlerts system. Heres how it works: A customer sees a poster within a North Face shop that says, Opt in to get text alert promotions when you are in our neighborhood. Opt out at any moment. Being the technology savvy mountain climber that you’re, you choose to whip out those old smartphone and opt in. Once you have done so, those North Face uses geo fencing to figure out your location. – Given that the North Face knows where you’re, it could send you a message about special offers those next time you are near one of its stores.

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